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Community Guidelines

The Long COVID Support Online Community is a space for people affected by Long COVID to connect and support each other, share their experiences, stay abreast of latest news and research and to hear about available treatment options and support services. This includes individuals affected by Long COVID as well as family, friends, carers and the broader community.


What does membership mean?

Membership allows you to get involved in online conversations, either by commenting on threads and comments posted by others, and/or starting your own threads.


Please note you must be over 18 to join the online community.


Your anonymity

We encourage you to consider how much information you share in this space, in relation to your own privacy. When selecting your username you may use your real name or prefer to choose something that helps give you some anonymity. You may also consider how much identifying information you share in the community.


Please be aware that the community is an open, online space where anyone can read the information, stories and advice shared.


Who runs the group?   

The group is managed by Health Issues Centre (HIC), Victoria's peak health consumer advocacy body. HIC team members will check the group weekdays between 9.00am-5.00pm, it is not monitored 24/7.


To use the Long COVID Support website and Online Community you must accept the website Terms and Conditions and agree to following these Community Guidelines. 


Keeping the group safe and supportive

In order for this community to be inclusive and safe for everyone, please be respectful of each other at all times. We want this space to be a kind and supportive environment for all members.


The moderation team will remove any posts, pics or comments that:

  • Are likely to offend others

  • Are obscene, abusive, threaten violence or potentially defamatory.

  • Contain potentially harmful or inappropriate advice – including spreading disinformation about COVID/Long COVID

  • Are racist, sexist, homophobic or discriminatory in any way

  • Contain hateful or defamatory remarks about individuals, services or organisations

  • Are acts of trolling (deliberately posting offensive comments in order to get a reaction)

  • Infringes the copyright or confidentiality of any person or organisation


Decisions about appropriateness will be made at the decision of HIC appointed moderators, all decisions are final.  


How should you get involved?

We want you to get as involved as you want to in the group. Create your own posts, comment on other people, respond to people’s questions and give your view!


This is a space for you to connect with others and feel supported. You could post about:

  • Your journey so far

  • Things that have helped you

  • Questions about where others have found support or how they are managing


What shouldn’t you post?

  • Negative comments towards other members. The community is a positive space to keep everyone connected.

  • Criticism of individual health professionals or services where they can be identified


Members with research, media or commercial interests

Research, recruitment and media interview requests will only be allowed subject to prior approval by HIC . Requests can be made through the website’s Contact us form.


Any commercial or professional advice from anyone except for our facilitators will not be allowed. This includes legal, financial or medical advice, SPAM activity, or posts demonstrating commercial interests. Our facilitators will be clearly marked as Admin or Moderator in the Online Community .


Diagnostic, or medical treatment advice based on unqualified individual experience or heresay will not be accepted for publication.

What happens if I breach the guidelines?

When taking part in our community we ask that all posts and comments follow our guidelines.

Posts or comments may be removed if they don’t conform with those guidelines. We understand that members might unintentionally break the rules and HIC will exercise a benefit of the doubt in determining whether a deliberate breach of guidelines has occurred.


In such circumstances we will offer a suggestion as to how you could rephrase your post to conform with guidelines.



As a member of the community you have the right to feel safe.


If there is something which you feel breaches these guidelines or doesn’t feel right, please contact us here, explain what has happened as best you can and include links to the specific thread/s, we will action it as soon as we can.


Removal of members

Repeated or serious breaches of the guidelines may result in removal from the community at HIC’s discretion.


If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact us here.


Forum account restrictions

Individuals must only have one account. If you are removed from the forum you cannot sign up to a new one. This forum is intended for people who are over 18 and living in Australia.


Your responsibilities

You are solely responsible for any content or material that you post or upload on the Online Community, or which is posted by another person using your username or password. 


You acknowledge and agree that HIC may contact you via the email address you have provided for safety and engagement reasons.


By submitting content or materials to the Online Community, you agree that you have read, understood and agree to abide by these Guidelines and to HIC exercising all rights in respect of such content or materials as are set out in these Terms and Conditions.

Intellectual property

HIC may, at its discretion, access, monitor and review all content or material which you submit to the Forums. 

By posting content on the Online Community, you grant to HIC a perpetual, royalty-free, fee-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide licence (with a right to sub-license to our authorised nominees) to use, modify, copy, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, display and broadcast any of that material on this site as well as in any promotional or communication activities of HIC conducted in Australia or overseas.

Confidentiality and privacy

HIC will take reasonable steps to ensure the security and confidentiality of material which you post or upload onto the Online Community. However, HIC cannot guarantee that such material will be protected against any loss, damage, alteration or misuse.

Privacy Policy

Health Issues Centre is committed to protecting website visitors and members of Long COVID Support Online Communities privacy and complying with the National Privacy principles. We respect the confidentiality of personal details and do not provide our mailing list to outside organisations.

We will only use personal information for the purpose it was originally collected, unless required by law or for member safety.

If you require more information about Health Issues Centre’s privacy policy or would like to discuss your privacy concerns, please  fill in the Contact us form or call us at (03) 8676 9050 


Updates to Community Guidelines and Terms and Conditions

HIC may amend the Terms and Conditions and these Community Guidelines at any time which we will inform you about by posting them on the site. Please check regularly for amendments. Your continued use of the site indicates that you agree to the most recent Terms and Conditions and Community Guidelines.

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