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Support and connection for people affected by Long COVID

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The Health Issues Centre (HIC) has been proud to develop this site over the last 10 months and along the way we have partnered with many individuals, services and peer networks. In particular, during this time we have engaged with the Australia Long COVID Community Facebook Support Group who have a large membership of people with lived experience of Long COVID (over 4,000 people). This group has been instrumental in developing our knowledge of what it is like to live with Long COVID and in developing the survey we recently circulated. 

As a result of our work and partnerships we believe that the support of this website should rest closely with those most affected by Long COVID.  Over the coming month we will begin to transition management of this site to the Australia Long COVID Community Facebook Support Group. HIC will remain in the background for a while to make sure the transition happens smoothly. Know that our commitment to supporting those with Long COVID remains and we will be sharing the results of the survey in late August.   

If you would like to learn more about the Australia Long COVID Community Facebook Support Group you can ask to join here. Alternatively, if you have any questions of us or decide that you would prefer to unsubscribe from this forum, please email us here by the end of July. We will keep you posted with updates over the coming weeks. 

Warm regards,  

The Health Issues Centre Team 

Long COVID Support

The Long COVID Support community exists for people to share experiences, information, and resources with others living with Long COVID symptoms as well as their carers, families and supporters.

Our aim is to connect those affected by Long COVID and to provide up to date and authoritative news as well as the latest developments in medical and scientific research efforts.

We believe that the first step toward Long COVID recovery is to belong to a supportive community that understands, empathises and shares your lived experience. We welcome you to join us!

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Chat with others about Long COVID, support and connect with each other.

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