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There is news coming out about Long COVID every day and it can be hard to keep track of the latest news.. This page will be updated regularly with articles we generate as well as articles of significance from external news providers. We try to provide links that are openly accessible. 

Does vaccination reduce Long COVID risk?


20 January 

Findings based on a US cohort study of 1832 adults has suggested that people who are unvaccinated are at an increased risk of ongoing COVID-19 symptoms lasting 28 days or more after initial infection. Dr Ken McCroary, a member of the RACGP Expert Committee – Quality Care and lead GP on the college’s south – west Sydney Long COVID working group has stated “There’s no questions that now, whether you get access to [antiviral] medications or not, if you’re not vaccinated, your outcomes are always going to be statistically worse”. 

Supporting a child with Long COVID  

The Conversation 

3 January 

Although children and young people’s experiences of Long COVID will present differently and will therefore require specific needs, parents of Long COVID sufferers have offered a collection of tips that may be helpful starting points. They are as follows. 

  1. Believe your child  

  2. Resting is important  

  3. Seek support at school 

  4. Acknowledge mental health  

  5. Consider non-medical treatments  

  6. Seek information and support  

‘Visible’ - the new Long COVID app 

The Guardian 

29 November 2022

An app called ‘Visible’, has recently been created by a team of people with lived experience of ‘invisible illness’, including Long COVID. This app has been designed to aid chronic disease sufferers to track their symptoms, and therefore, help manage the process of both collecting data and analysing how their symptoms change over time. Co-founder and CEO of Visible hopes the app will help to shine light on “invisible” illnesses.  

Long COVID clinics wait time up to 11 months  

The Age 

10 November 2022

Long COVID clinics within Victoria now have a wait time of up to 11 months, with one clinic based at the Austin Hospital in Heidelberg closing its doors permanently due to a lack of funding. The co-lead of the Long COVID clinic at St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney, Professor Steven has stated "we have been inundated – because of limited resources". 

Lung Foundation Australia Survey hints at increased Long COVID burden 

News GP

1 November 2022

A report that was conducted by the Lung Foundation Australia has confirmed that nearly half of the 2200 people surveyed have declared symptoms more than four weeks after initial COVID-19 infection – this is a much higher rate than previously thought. The report also states that support for those with ongoing symptoms is “lacking”. A respiratory expert and Lung Foundation Australia Board member claims “there are significant disparities and challenges across Australia that need to be addressed if we are to ensure equitable healthcare for all”.  

WHO Chief urges immediate action to tackle Long Covid 

The Guardian

13 October 2022

The head of the WHO has recently stated “On behalf of the scientific community, health workers and the patients with Long COVID WHO has worked with, I urge all leaders to seriously ramp up support so that we can minimise the suffering and improve the health of those affected so they can return to living their fullest lives." 

PM Albanese lays out another $1.4 billion for pandemic health 

The Age 

18 September 2022

Healthcare providers and aged care homes are receiving additional funding. Although a large proportion of the budget will be allocated to the Aged Care Support Program, smaller components of the package include $48 million to extend respiratory clinics offered by GPs, $5 million for telehealth items to prescribe antiviral medicine and $5.5 million in additional rebates for face-to-face GP visits.    

Long COVID declared a key focus area by the WHO 


15 September 2022

World Health Organization (WHO) director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has said world leaders needed to act on six key focus areas to end COVID, which was officially declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 20 March 2020. 

Dr Tedros identified Long COVID as the second of these key focus areas: “Clinical care - planning for surges and treating Long COVID.” 

COVID-19 and National Immunisation Programme research projects

Manatu Hauora Ministry of Health  

6 September 2022

The Ministry of Health have provided funding to researchers across New Zealand to undertake research examining the ongoing and long-term impacts of COVID-19. There are currently 23 projects that have been funded with a few specifically targeted at Long COVID research.  

Immune signature of long COVID becoming clearer - Health with Dr Norman Swan


15 August 2022

As COVID-19 continues to spread,  elements of the disease are becoming better understood from research and data.

This past week, all sorts of new studies have come out about the virus, including that the immune signature of long COVID may be becoming clearer. 

How are doctors unravelling the mystery of long COVID?

The Age

1 May 2022

They call them long-haulers – people still suffering symptoms long after a bout of COVID.


But what is the condition, exactly? Doctors expect the answer will change our understanding of immunity forever.

1 in 10 people will end up with Long COVID 

The Age 

16 January 

According to a recent report that was published in the academic journal Nature Reviews Microbiology, one in 10 people will end up with Long COVID. The Australian infectious disease Professor and CEO of the Burnet Institute, Brendan Crabb, has stated that the report should “prompt a rethink of Australia’s relaxed attitude towards COVID-19". 

Calls for greater government support for patients living with invisible illnesses like Long COVID 

ABC News 

19 December

Recent statistics have highlighted that a projected half a million people across the country could be living with Long COVID by the end of the year. ‘The Australian Medical Association is calling for GPs to be given greater support to help patients with chronic and hidden illnesses.’ 

Federal funding dries up for Long COVID clinics  

The Age

24 November 2022

The Victorian Health Department has estimated that more than 1 in 200, or roughly 40,000, Victorians have been affected by severe Long COVID this year. The Victorian Health Department has recently warned that "more funding is required for hospitals and GPs to deal with COVID-related illness”   

How Long COVID is affecting young people  

The Conversation

9 November 2022

Data has shown that 2.7% of people aged 17-24 and 3.6% of those aged 25-34 have symptoms at least four weeks after an infection. As cognitive symptoms such as brain fog and a reduced work output are commonly associated with Long COVID, young people who are establishing their careers may be among those who feel these impacts the most. 

Supporting a friend or loved one with Long COVID

The Conversation

25 October 2022

Long COVID doesn’t just affect the individual with the condition – it can also be hard on their loved ones. Below are four tips on how to best support a friend, family member, or partner struggling with Long COVID.  


  1. Create a safe space

  2. Be flexible  

  3. Encourage (but don’t force) connections 

  4. Offer practical help  

Long COVIDs hidden toll in NZ

NZ Herald 

6 October 2022

Health researchers are "shining crucial new light" on the impacts that Long COVID is posing on the population of New Zealand. Experts have warned it could cast a decades-long shadow beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, with one likening the country's potential healthcare needs to a "flood of Noah-like proportions".  

Monique Ryan calls for national summit on coronavirus amid Long COVID fears 

The Guardian

14 September 2022

“Off the back of the success of the jobs and skills summit, I think it would be appropriate and timely to take the same approach to Covid,” Ryan, the member for Kooyong, told Guardian Australia. 

Dr Ryan has expressed concern over longer-term problems of workplace absenteeism and strain on the health system. 

Reducing the impact of Long COVID is among the five reasons why young people should get a COVID booster vaccine.

The Conversation

13 September 2022

Despite its importance and key role in Long COVID prevention, research has shown that compared to those over the age of 70, young adults are less likely to be fully vaccinated.

$31.5 million boost for COVID-19 and Long COVID research  

Australian Department of Health and Aged Care

30 August 2022

The Albanese Government announced financial support for medical researchers to further understand both COVID-19 and the impact of Long COVID. 

The Medical Research Fund (MRFF) is providing $31.5 million to support 14 research grants.   

Long-COVID sufferers unable to access disability payments say they need more support

ABC News

22 July 2022

Many people like Jayson Cumming have been severly affected by Long COVID.


There is limited immediate support or relief for Long COVID sufferers as they wait for research to progress


Some are facing financial stress but are unable to access disability support

Long COVID stems from milder COVID-19 cases, according to a new research study 

The Conversation 

6 January 

A recent study has confirmed that even mild cases of COVID-19 can lead to long-lasting effects on people's health. According to the research findings, up to 90% of people who are living with Long COVID only experienced a mild initial COVID-19 infection.  

Young artist uses art to make sense of her Long COVID condition  

BBC News

7 December

A young 17-year-old artist based in the UK has channelled her experience of Long COVID into her artist expression. The young artists work has been described as “an exhibition of her art on display at the Island Arts Centre in Lisburn is a window into her world and the canvases explore Long COVID from her unique perspectives.”  

Long COVID and stigma  


24 November 2022

UK based researchers have found that up to 95% of Long COVID suffers have experienced some form of stigma, whilst 76%have reported experiencing it “often” or “always”. Dr Marija Pantelic, a UK lecturer in the field of public health at Brighton and Sussex Medical school has stated that “the stigma attached to Long COVID is harming people living with Long COVID and is likely to leave a devastating mark on our society and health service provision”. 

Long COVID needs to be recognised by employers and pension schemes  

The Guardian

2 November 2022

The lifting of COVID-19 restrictions has led to many employers to return to pre-pandemic “presenteeism and management observation”. This approach has resulted in individuals who are affected by Long COVID to feel somewhat left behind. A union rep states, “I’ve seen many people who are falling through the cracks because employers don’t have policies to deal with them”. 

America's top disease expert says Long COVID is an 'insidious’ public health emergency  

The Guardian

17 October 2022

Dr Anthony Fauci, America's top infectious disease expert has emphasised the need to avoid complacency and ensure that funding for COVID-19 and Long COVID is continued. Although research is underway, Dr Fauci states, "there are more unanswered questions than there are answered questions" and that "the non-specificity and the vagueness of this is its own worst enemy".  

Coping with Long COVID: 10 strategies for academics

Times higher Education

30 September 2022

The professor in the sociology of architecture at University College London, Kerstin Sailor, has offered 10 pieces of advice for scholars living with the symptoms associated with Long COVID. Her advice ranges from the importance of rest to challenging the ableist culture in academia.  Kerstin urges academic institutions to develop more inclusive and collective practices around healthy environments for everyone. 

A Neurologist's quest to solve the mystery of COVID-19's most puzzling complication 

Chicago Magazine  

15 September 2022

Long COVID is now America’s third leading neurological disorder. Neurologist Igor Koralnik understands the severity of this condition and is at the forefront of the quest to better understand Long COVIDs effects on the brain. At the end of May 2022, there were 82.5 million COVID-19 survivors in the United States, and 30 percent of them – about 24.8 million – experienced Long COVID.  

Long COVID costs the economy $100 million per week 

Australian Financial Review

9 September 2022

Analysis prepared for the AFR Weekend by Impact Economics and Policy estimates Long COVID is costing the economy $100 million a week in lost economic output. This is based on Treasury’s estimations of the number of days workers are taking in sick leave from Long COVID.  

Ministerial acknowledgement of Long COVID’s economic impact

Press conference transcript - The Treasury

26 August 2022

Political leaders are increasingly becoming aware of Long COVID’s economic impact. Responding to new Treasury data, and speaking of the need to consider Long COVID in an economic and productivity sense.

'Long COVID' presents a major health challenge - how can Australia be prepared?

The University of Sydney

30 June 2022

Attention needed to support growing number of Australians with Long COVID

Triple vaccination seems to reduce the chance of long COVID - but we still need to prepare for a jump in cases, write researchers at the University of Sydney

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